New York University USA Humanities Courses in 2024

New York University

For 2024, New York University offers a range of intriguing Humanities courses. Particularly under its Digital Humanities and broader Humanities disciplines. Here are some highlighted courses and programs:

Digital Humanities

  • Text Analysis for Historical Language Research: This course introduces computational methods useful for data-driven scholarship involving historical texts. Students learn about text mining, language modeling, and data visualization using Python.
  • Introduction to Digital Humanities for the Ancient World: Aimed at early-stage graduate students, this course covers digital tools and computational methods in ancient studies. Including XML, spatial data, and 3D modeling.
  • Creating Digital History: Focused on “doing history” in the digital age, this course involves web-based tools for digitizing. Preserving digital sources and culminates in a collaborative digital history project.

General Humanities

  • The Bennett-Polonsky Humanities Labs offer a practical, lab-based approach to humanities, fostering interdisciplinary research and collaboration.
  • Humanities in the Professional Schools integrate humanities studies into professional disciplines, promoting a broader educational experience.
  • NYU’s Center for the Humanities supports these academic offerings with various programs, fellowships, and grants designed to enhance teaching. Research, and public engagement in the humanities​ (New York University Digital Humanities)​​ (New York University Digital Humanities)​​ (Center for the Humanities)​.


These courses and programs demonstrate NYU’s commitment to innovative and interdisciplinary approaches in humanities education. Making it a vibrant place for students interested in combining traditional humanities studies with modern technological tools and methods.

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