How to Elevate Your Buddy Program? With Examples

Buddy Program

A buddy program is a way of helping new employees integrate into the workplace by pairing them with a more experienced colleague who can guide them, support them, and share their knowledge with them. A buddy program can have many benefits, such as:

  • Improving employee engagement and retention
  • Enhancing the learning and development of both new and existing employees
  • Fostering a culture of collaboration and trust
  • Reducing the stress and anxiety of new hires
  • Increasing the productivity and performance of teams

If you want to elevate your buddy program, you might want to consider some of the following tips:

  • Define the goals and expectations of the program clearly and communicate them to both the buddies and the new hires
  • Incentivize your buddies by offering them recognition, rewards, or opportunities for growth
  • Set routine meetings between the buddies and the new hires, as well as regular check-ins with the HR or managers
  • Create a buddy checklist that outlines the topics and tasks that the buddies should cover with the new hires
  • Promote knowledge sharing by encouraging the buddies to share their expertise, feedback, and best practices with the new hires
  • Encourage effective communication by providing the buddies and the new hires with tools and platforms to stay in touch and collaborate
  • Collect feedback from both the buddies and the new hires on their experience and satisfaction with the program
  • Evaluate the impact of the program on the new hires’ performance, engagement, and retention

Some Examples of a buddy program

A buddy program is a way of helping new hires adjust to their new workplace by pairing them with a more experienced colleague who can guide and support them. There are many examples of successful buddy programs in different organizations, such as:

  1. Randstad’s #ReloadYourStrengths program: This is a mentorship program that matches new hires with senior employees who share similar strengths and interests. The program aims to reduce turnover, increase engagement, and foster a culture of learning and development.
  2. Cooley’s new hire onboarding: This is a law firm that uses a buddy system to help new lawyers get familiar with the firm’s policies, procedures, and culture. The buddies also provide feedback and coaching to the new hires, as well as social support and networking opportunities.
  3. NetApp’s intern programs: This is a technology company that assigns buddies to its interns to help them learn about the company’s products, services, and values. The buddies also help the interns with their projects, career goals, and professional development.


These are just some examples of how a buddy program can benefit both new hires and existing employees. A buddy program can also improve the overall onboarding experience, as it can make new hires feel more welcome, confident, and productive in their new roles.

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