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Class 12th Math Review

Class 12th Math Solved Notes (Latest) Download PDF Files-Punjab Board. We also provide all classes solved notes free of cast for students. Today, I’d be happy to provide a brief review of Class 12th Math topics.

Here are some of the important topics covered in Class 12th Math:

  1. Relations and Functions: This chapter deals with types of relations and functions, the composition of functions, the inverse of a function, and binary operations.
  2. Inverse Trigonometric Functions: In this chapter, you’ll learn about inverse trigonometric functions like sin inverse, cos inverse, and tan inverse, and their properties.
  3. Matrices: Matrices are rectangular arrays of numbers, and this chapter deals with the basics of matrices like operations, types, and properties.
  4. Deter: ruminants Determinants are a mathematical tool used to calculate the properties of matrices. This chapter will cover the basics of determinants and their properties.
  5. Continuity and Differentiability: This chapter will teach you about the concepts of continuity and differentiability of functions, and their applications.
  6. Applications of Derivatives: This chapter deals with the practical applications of derivatives in solving problems related to maxima-minima, rate of change, and tangents and normals.
  7. Integrals: Integrals are a mathematical tool used to find the area under a curve. This chapter will cover the basics of integrals, the types of integrals, and their applications.
  8. Applications of Integrals: This chapter deals with the practical applications of integrals in solving problems related to area, volume, and surface area.
  9. Differential Equations: Differential equations are mathematical equations that describe the relationship between a function and its derivatives. This chapter covers the basics of differential equations and their applications.
  10. Vector Algebra: This chapter deals with the basics of vectors, operations on vectors, and their applications.
  11. Three-Dimensional Geometry: In this chapter, you’ll learn about the concepts of lines and planes in three-dimensional space, their intersections, and the distance between them.

These are some of the important topics covered in Class 12th Math. I hope this helps!

PDF Files Class 12th Math Solved Notes

For pupils in their second year, these class 12 math answer notes will be very beneficial. Now you may find the answers to all of the tasks in these math class 12 notes. You get access to the best practice with these notes for second-year math. You can download these second-year math notes in the form of a solved document. So you will receive these notes as pdf files. The most fascinating and important topic is mathematics. The majority of kids have been reading about it since they were little.

Download Class 12th Math Solved Notes PDF Files

ChaptersChapter NamePDF Files
1Function and LimitFree Download
2DifferentiationFree Download
3IntegrationFree Download
4Introduction to Analytic GeometryFree Download
5Linear Inequalities linear programmingFree Download
6Conic sectionFree Download

Simple Lesson Plan Of Class 12th Math

  • Now here, I can provide a sample lesson plan for Class 12th Math. Here’s an example:
  • Subject: Mathematics (Class 12th)
  • Topic: Matrices
  • Objective: To introduce the concept of matrices and their operations to students and to help them understand the properties of matrices.
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Materials: Whiteboard, markers, handouts, examples of matrices


  • Introduction (5 minutes): The teacher will begin the lesson by introducing the topic of matrices and their importance in mathematics. They will explain how matrices are used in solving problems related to algebra, physics, and other fields.
  • Definition and notation (10 minutes): The teacher will explain the definition of matrices, their notation, and how to represent them using rows and columns. They will also provide examples of matrices with different dimensions.
  • Types of matrices (10 minutes): The teacher will introduce the different types of matrices, including square, identity, zero, symmetric, and skew-symmetric matrices. They will explain the properties and characteristics of each type.
  • Matrix operations (15 minutes): The teacher will explain the basic operations of matrices, including addition, subtraction, scalar multiplication, and matrix multiplication. They will provide examples and demonstrate how to perform these operations.
  • Properties of matrices (15 minutes): The teacher will explain the properties of matrices, including the commutative, associative, and distributive properties. They will also explain how to find the inverse of a matrix. And how to solve a system of linear equations using matrices.
  • Conclusion (5 minutes): The teacher will summarize the key points covered in the lesson and ask students to review the concepts at home. They will also distribute handouts with practice problems. And encourage students to ask questions if they have any doubts.


At the end of the class, the teacher can assess students’ understanding of the topic by giving them a short quiz or asking them to solve a few problems related to matrices. The teacher can also observe the student’s participation. And engagement during the class and provide feedback accordingly.

Required Tools For A Good Math Lesson

There are several tools and resources that can help create a good Math lesson. Here are some of the important tools that a Math teacher might use:

  • Whiteboard and markers: A whiteboard and markers are essential tools for a Math teacher to demonstrate. And explain mathematical concepts. They can be used to write equations, graphs, and diagrams to illustrate and explain problems.
  • Manipulatives: Manipulatives like blocks, tiles, and counters can be used to teach various Math concepts like fractions, geometry, and arithmetic. These hands-on tools help students visualize abstract concepts and understand them.
  • Technology: Technology tools like graphing calculators, computer software, and interactive whiteboards can be used to enhance Math lessons. They can help students solve complex problems and visualize graphs and geometric shapes.
  • Worksheets and handouts: Worksheets and handouts can be used to provide practice problems, review materials, and do homework assignments. They can be used to reinforce concepts learned in class and help students prepare for exams.
  • Textbooks and reference materials: Textbooks and reference materials can provide additional resources and examples to supplement classroom lectures. They can be used to explain concepts in different ways and provide additional practice problems.
  • Assessment tools: Assessment tools like quizzes, tests, and exams can help measure students’ understanding of the Math concepts taught in class. They can be used to evaluate students’ progress and provide feedback for improvement.

By utilizing these tools, a Math teacher can create a dynamic and engaging learning environment that helps students understand and enjoy Math.

Last Result

In conclusion, Class 12th Math covers a wide range of topics. That builds on the foundation of mathematical concepts learned in previous grades. Understanding the basics of matrices, determinants, integrals, differential equations, and vector algebra is essential for students to excel in advanced math courses and careers. To create a good Math lesson, teachers can utilize various tools and resources, including whiteboards, manipulatives, technology, worksheets, textbooks, and assessment tools. By incorporating these tools and resources, teachers can help students understand and appreciate the importance of Math in their daily lives and future careers.

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