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Best 10 Coding Projects for Beginners in 2024

Coding Projects

In 2024, various coding projects will be suitable for beginners to enhance their skills and knowledge in programming. Here are ten suggestions:

  • To-Do List Application: Create a simple to-do list application using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This project will help you understand the basics of web development and DOM manipulation.
  • Calculator: Build a basic calculator application using a programming language of your choice, such as Python or JavaScript. This project will help you practice fundamental arithmetic operations and user input handling.
  • Weather App: Develop a weather application that fetches weather data from an API and displays it to the user. This project will give you experience working with APIs and handling JSON data.
  • Quiz App: Design a quiz application where users can answer multiple-choice questions. You can use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the front end and a backend language like Python or Node.js to handle user responses.
  • Personal Portfolio Website: Create your portfolio website to showcase your projects, skills, and resume. This project will allow you to practice front-end development and design principles.

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  • Simple Game: Build a basic game like Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman, or Snake using a programming language and a suitable framework or library. This project will introduce you to game development concepts and logic.
  • Expense Tracker: Develop an expense tracker application that allows users to input their expenses and view reports. You can use a frontend framework like React or Vue.js and a backend framework like Express.js or Django.
  • Chat Application: Create a simple chat application using a frontend framework like React or Angular and a backend framework like Node.js or Django. This project will help you understand real-time communication and WebSocket protocols.
  • Blog Platform: Build a blog platform where users can create, edit, and delete blog posts. You can use a backend framework like Flask or Ruby on Rails and a database like SQLite or PostgreSQL.
  • Recipe Finder: Develop a recipe finder application that fetches recipes from an API based on user input (e.g., ingredients or cuisine type). This project will give you experience working with APIs and handling asynchronous requests.


These projects cover a range of programming concepts and technologies, allowing you to explore different areas of software development and find what interests you the most. Remember to break down each project into smaller tasks and approach them incrementally to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Happy coding!

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