Best Educational Accounts On Twitter – Latest 2024

Educational Accounts On Twitter

In the educational sector, social media is the best platform to educate people. Here we are sharing some influential and informative education accounts on Twitter. Keep in mind that popularity and relevance can change. So it’s a good idea to check for the latest recommendations.

Education Organizations:

  • @usedgov – U.S. Department of Education
  • @UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • @educommission – Education Commission

Education Advocates:

  • @SirKenRobinson – Sir Ken Robinson, author, and education expert
  • @Angela_Watson Angela Watson, educator and author
  • @gcouros – George Couros, educator and author

EdTech Experts:

  • @EdSurge – EdSurge, covering the intersection of technology and education
  • @iste – International Society for Technology in Education
  • @Edutopia – Edutopia, exploring education innovation

Teachers and Educators:

  • @cultofpedagogy – Jennifer Gonzalez, educator and founder of Cult of Pedagogy
  • @Larryferlazzo – Larry Ferlazzo, educator and author
  • @alicekeeler – Alice Keeler, educator and edtech advocate

Education News:

  • @educationweek – Education Week, American education news source
  • @InsideHigherEd – Inside Higher Ed, higher education news

Subject-Specific Accounts:

  • @NatGeoEducation – National Geographic Education
  • @NASAedu – NASA Education
  • @TED_ED – TED-Ed, educational branch of TED Talks

Global Education:

  • @globaledcon – Global Education Conference
  • @edutopia_int – Edutopia International, sharing global education practices

Learning Platforms:

  • @khanacademy – Khan Academy, online learning platform
  • @Coursera – Coursera, offering online courses

Education Research:

  • @educationarena – Education Arena, sharing education research
  • @edutresearch – Educational Researcher

Special Education:

  • @npr_ed – NPR Education, covering various education topics
  • @LD_Advocate – Learning Disabilities Advocate

Important Note

To discover more educational accounts on Twitter, you can use hashtags like #EdChat, #Education, or #EdTech. Additionally, you may explore Twitter lists related to education or participate in education-focused Twitter chats to connect with educators and discover new accounts. Keep in mind that Twitter is a dynamic platform, and trends can change over time, so it’s always a good idea to explore and discover new voices in the education community.

Remember to explore Twitter lists related to education, as these often curate accounts based on specific themes or topics. Also, consider checking for updated lists or recommendations from educational conferences and events. Twitter chats related to education are another excellent way to discover valuable accounts.

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