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Educational Consultancy Point – Latest

Educational Consultancy Point

Educational Consultancy Point – Latest” and found some results that might be relevant to your query. Here is a summary of the top three web search results:

  • [Education Consulting and Strategy Services | BCG] is a website that provides information about the education consulting and strategy services offered by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a global management consulting firm. The website explains how BCG helps educational systems and institutions to innovate and transform in the face of disruptions and challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the racial and socioeconomic achievement gap, and the changing demands of the future of work. The website also showcases some of BCG’s success stories and thought leadership in the education sector.
  • [Education consulting | McKinsey & Company] is a website that provides information about the education consulting services offered by McKinsey & Company, another global management consulting firm. The website describes how McKinsey works with clients across the entire education ecosystem, from early childhood and K-12 to higher education and workforce development, to improve learning and employment outcomes for all. The website also highlights some of McKinsey’s areas of focus and client impact in the education sector.
  • [Top 10 Education Consulting Firms] is a web page that ranks and reviews the top 10 education consulting firms in the world, according to Management Consulted, a career resource platform for aspiring and experienced consultants. The web page provides an overview of each firm’s history, services, clients, culture, and career opportunities, as well as some tips and insights on how to break into the education consulting industry.

Boston Consulting Group’s Success Stories

Boston Consulting Group’s success stories in the education sector. Here are some examples of how BCG has helped educational institutions and organizations to achieve their goals and create positive impact:

Boston Consulting Group’s

BCG worked with a university to increase enrollment with a specific focus on access for low-income and minority students. BCG helped the university design and implement a comprehensive strategy that included improving academic quality, enhancing student support services, strengthening financial aid, and expanding outreach and marketing. As a result, the university increased its enrollment by 25%, improved its retention and graduation rates, and diversified its student body.

It has worked with a large innovative public university to build and implement a successful growth strategy. BCG helped the university to identify and prioritize new opportunities for expansion, such as launching online programs, creating partnerships with employers, and developing new campuses. BCG also supported the university in developing a robust business case, securing funding, and managing the implementation. The university increased its revenue by 40%, expanded its student population by 50%, and enhanced its reputation and brand.

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BCG worked with a leading business school to transform its university experience for students and faculty alike. It helped the school redesign its curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment methods to align with the changing needs and expectations of the market. BCG also helped the school to improve its faculty development, student engagement, and alumni relations. As a result, the school improved its academic quality, student satisfaction, and employability outcomes.

Boston Consulting Group worked with a new liberal arts institution in Vietnam to develop and launch the university of the future. BCG helped the institution to define its vision, mission, and values, and to design a distinctive and innovative educational model that combined liberal arts and STEM disciplines. BCG also helped the institution recruit and retain top talent, establish partnerships with local and global stakeholders, and secure accreditation and recognition. As a result, the institution became one of the most prestigious and sought-after universities in the region.


These are just some of the examples of how BCG has helped educational institutions and organizations achieve their goals and create a positive impact. If you want to learn more about BCG’s education consulting and strategy services, you can visit their website.

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