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Ek hai afat season 2 by bint e hawa Urdu Navel – Latest

Ek hai afat by bint e hawa season 2

Ek Hai Afat season 2 by bint e Hawa is a funny and romantic Urdu novel written by Bint e Hawa. A popular and prolific writer of humorous and family-based novels. The novel was published in 2022 and is a sequel to the first season of Ek hai afat. Which was also a huge success among readers. The novel is based on the joint family system and hilarious situations. That arises from the interactions of different family members.

The main characters of the novel are Zain, a handsome and rich businessman. Who is married to Zoya, a beautiful and innocent girl who loves him dearly? Shero, Zain’s cousin and best friend is a flirt and a troublemaker. Sharfu, Zain’s loyal and funny servant always gets into trouble with his master. One of the main events of the novel is the arrival of Zain’s aunt and her daughter.

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Who are greedy and cunning and want to take over Zain’s property and business. They try to create misunderstandings and problems between Zain and Zoya and also try to seduce Shero and Sharfu. However, their plans are always foiled by the cleverness and loyalty of Zoya, Shero, and Sharfu. Who expose their lies and schemes.

The novel is full of funny and witty dialogues, situations, and pranks. That makes the readers laugh and enjoy the story. The author also uses humor to criticize the social evils and hypocrisy of some people who pretend to be pious and noble but are actually selfish and corrupt. For example, Zain’s aunt and her daughter often quote religious verses and preach morality. But they are involved in gambling, cheating, and blackmailing.


Ek Hai Afat season 2 by bint e Hawa is a novel that combines comedy and romance in a captivating and enjoyable way. Latest novel portrays the importance of love, trust, and honesty in a family, and the value of friendship and loyalty. The novel also exposes the hypocrisy and greed of some people who try to harm others for their own benefit. The novel is a great example of the author’s talent and creativity. Her ability to make the readers laugh and cry with her characters. I liked the novel very much, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes funny and romantic stories.

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