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Geography Class 8 Textbook (National Book Foundation) – PDF Format

Geography Class 8 Textbook

The Geography Class 8 Textbook (National Book Foundation) is a book that covers the basic concepts and topics of geography for students of Class 8 in Pakistan. The book is divided into six chapters, which are:

  • Chapter 1: Resources
  • Chapter 2: Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Resources
  • Chapter 3: Mineral and Power Resources
  • Chapter 4: Agriculture                         
  • Chapter 5: Industries
  • Chapter 6: Human Resources

Geography 8 Textbook

The book aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the physical and human aspects of geography. As well as the interrelationships between them. The book also helps students develop their skills of observation, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of geographic data and information.

The book is based on the National Curriculum of Pakistan and follows the guidelines of the National Book Foundation1 You can download the PDF version of the book from the National Book Foundation website.

Download Free Geography Class 8 Text Book in PDF Format

More Read About Geography Class 8 Textbook

In Class 8 geography, students often study a range of topics that help them understand the physical and human aspects of the world. Common topics include:

1: Physical Geography:

  • Earth’s structure and composition
  • Landforms (mountains, plains, plateaus)
  • Climate and weather patterns
  • Natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, etc.)

2: Human Geography:

  • Population distribution and density
  • Migration patterns
  • Settlements and types of dwellings
  • Cultural diversity

3: Economic Geography:

  • Agriculture and types of farming
  • Industries and their types
  • Trade and transportation

4: Political Geography:

  • Countries, capitals, and continents
  • Political maps and boundaries
  • International relations

5: Environmental Geography:

  • Environmental issues and conservation
  • Natural resources and their sustainable use

Geographic Information System (GIS) and Maps:

  • Understanding and interpreting maps
  • Basic GIS concepts


The specific details and depth of coverage may vary, but these are common themes found in many Class 8 geography textbooks. It is advisable to refer to your specific textbook or curriculum guide for accurate and detailed information regarding the topics covered.

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