Best Grade-7th Math Lesson Plan (Latest Method)

Grade-7th Math Lesson Plan

Today in here, we are sharing the Best Grade-7th Math Lesson Plan using the latest method for teachers. A Grade-7th Math Lesson Plan is a document that outlines the objectives, activities, and assessments for teaching mathematics to seventh-grade students.

A lesson plan usually covers one or more topics or skills that are aligned with the curriculum standards and learning outcomes for the grade level. A lesson plan also provides guidance for the teacher on how to deliver the instruction, engage the students, and check their understanding.

The best simple of Class 7th Lesson Plan

Grade-7th Math Lesson Plan

Sub: Math

Topic: Square Root of Positive Number

Time: 40 Min

Total students; 28

Date: 25 October 2023


               All the end of this lesson students will be able to:

1: Define a perfect Square

2: Test whether a number is a perfect square or not.

3: Identify and apply the following properties of the perfect square of a number.

  • The square of an even number is even
  • The square of an added number is add
  • The square of a proper fraction is less than itself


           Text Book, White Board, Board Marker, and Duster.

Previous Knowledge Test (P.K.T):

  • As P.K.T I will ask the following question,
  • What is meant by the square of a number?
  • Define a perfect number.
  • Identify and apply the following properties of a perfect square.


                           Dear students, Today we are going to read the lesson about (SQUARE ROOT) of positive numbers and perfect squares.


  • Students will solve in pairs different questions with Ex 5.1 question 1. I will write on the board. Then I shall try to correct the wrong sum.
  • Secondly, I will solve this Ex 5.1 question No.1 one by one.


                   For an evaluation, I will be asking the following questions;

  1. What is meant by a square number?
  2. Define a perfect square.
  3. Solve Ex 5.1 question no 1 & 2

Home Work

                 Solve Ex. 5.1  Question No. 4 and Question No. 5

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