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Intensive Mentoring – Latest

Intensive Mentoring

Intensive Mentoring is a topic that has been gaining attention in recent years. As more people seek to improve their skills and achieve their goals with the help of a mentor. Intensive mentoring is a form of mentoring that involves frequent and focused interactions between the mentor and the mentee, with clear expectations and objectives, and a high level of commitment and accountability. Intensive mentoring can be beneficial for both the mentor and the mentee. As they can learn from each other, grow together, and create a lasting bond.

Some of the latest articles on intensive mentoring are;

The Best Mentorships Help Both People Grow by David Nour. This article discusses how a transformational mentorship is a relationship that offers something powerful to both the mentee and the mentor, and how to find the right person for this kind of mentorship. The article also suggests that mentors and mentees should look beyond the obvious places. Ask to meet before asking for mentoring, test the waters, and not limit themselves.

Wait, what?!: Shorter, less intensive mentoring relationships can be just as effective by Jean Rhodes. This article challenges the common assumption that mentoring relationships need to be intensive and enduring to be effective and presents some evidence that moderate and strong mentoring relationships are equally effective in reducing delinquency and misconduct, and in improving school bonding and academic outcomes, while weak relationships are significantly less effective, or even harmful. The article also argues that mentoring programs should strive for a balance between building relationships and targeting specific goals and skills.

Successful Mentoring Relationship. A Guide for New Mentors by NMRC. This guide for mentors provides an overview of basic skills and concepts that may contribute to effective mentoring relationships. The guide reviews ten recommended principles of mentoring and includes questions for mentors to consider as they reflect on their own mentoring practices and experiences. The guide also offers some tips and resources for mentors to enhance their mentoring skills and knowledge.

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