Best Investment Banking Simulations to Sharpen Your Edge in 2024

Investment banking simulations

Investment banking simulations are virtual or simulated exercises designed to mimic real-world investment banking scenarios. These simulations are often used for training purposes to help individuals. Such as students or professionals, gain practical experience. Skills in areas like financial analysis, valuation, mergers and acquisitions, and other aspects of investment banking. Participants can make decisions, analyze data, and experience the consequences of their choices in a risk-free environment. Helping them develop their knowledge and expertise in the field. In 2024, there are several excellent investment banking simulations available to help sharpen your skills.

Here are some notable ones:

  • Bank of America’s Technology, Telecom & Media Team Simulation: This simulation involves tasks like conducting a SWOT analysis. Analyzing potential M&A targets, performing discounted cash flow valuation, creating company profiles, and building client relationships. It offers a practical approach to technical and soft skills crucial in investment banking.
  • Citi Investment Banking: This simulation focuses on valuation, forecasting, modeling, and enterprise value. It includes tasks such as creating company profiles, and forecasting using income statements. Conducting comparative company analysis, and summarizing key information for decision-makers.
  • Fidelity International Investment Management: This simulation explores investment management and includes tasks like understanding different asset classes. Analyzing active and passive investing strategies, evaluating publicly listed stocks, and working on sales and marketing strategies.
  • Goodbody Introduction to Stock Picking: This program is designed to teach foundational skills for stock picking, covering topics. Such as the basics of investing, portfolio diversification, fundamental research, and building a simulated stock portfolio.

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  • HSBC Global Banking & Markets: This simulation offers insights into M&A, due diligence, linear regression, and return rate calculations. It includes tasks like identifying M&A targets, analyzing debt issuance trends, and working on risk reduction strategies for investment portfolios.
  • JPMorgan Chase Investment Banking: Here, you’ll assist a client in expanding into Asian markets through M&A. It’s an opportunity to delve into M&A strategies, DCF modeling, and company analysis.
  • Finsimco Investment Banking Simulation: Finsimco offers a dynamic, multiplayer simulation that covers the entire process of investment banking transactions. Including analysis, financial modeling, pitching, strategic advisory, and deal structuring. It is designed for an intense and competitive learning environment. It’s suitable for students with a basic understanding of DCF.


Each of these simulations provides a unique set of tasks and learning opportunities. Making them valuable resources for anyone looking to develop or enhance their investment banking skills​​​

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