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Ishq Ik Junoon

Ishq Ik Junoon is an Urdu novel by Ayesha Siddiqa that tells the story of a young girl named Zara who falls in love with a rich and handsome boy named Zain. The novel explores the themes of love, passion, obsession, jealousy, betrayal, and revenge.

Here is a brief summary of the novel:

The novel begins with Zara, a simple and innocent girl who lives with her parents and two sisters in a small town. She is a brilliant student and dreams of becoming a doctor. One day, she meets Zain, a charming and wealthy boy who is the son of a famous businessman. Zain is instantly attracted to Zara and tries to woo her with his lavish gifts and romantic gestures. Zara is also smitten by Zain and agrees to marry him.

However, their happiness is short-lived as Zain’s family opposes their marriage. Zain’s mother, Nafisa, is a cruel and arrogant woman who hates Zara for her poor background and simple lifestyle. She plots to separate Zain and Zara by creating misunderstandings and doubts between them. She also hires a girl named Mahnoor, who is Zain’s ex-girlfriend, to seduce Zain and ruin his relationship with Zara.

Zain, who is unaware of his mother’s schemes, falls prey to Mahnoor’s charms and cheats on Zara. Zara is heartbroken and devastated when she finds out about Zain’s infidelity. She decides to leave Zain and start a new life. She moves to another city and enrolls in a medical college. There, she meets a kind and caring doctor named Ayan, who helps her heal from her wounds and supports her in her studies. Zara gradually develops feelings for Ayan and accepts his proposal of marriage.

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Meanwhile, Zain realizes his mistake and regrets losing Zara. He tries to find her and apologize to her but fails. He becomes depressed and lonely and turns to alcohol and drugs to cope with his pain. Also discovers the truth about his mother. Mahnoor’s conspiracies and disowns them. He vows to win back Zara’s love and trust.

The novel reaches its climax when Zain and Zara cross paths again at a hospital where Zara works as a doctor and Zain is admitted as a patient. Zain is shocked to see Zara with Ayan and feels jealous and angry. He confronts Zara and begs her to forgive him and come back to him. Zara is confused and torn between her past and present. She still loves Zain, but she also respects and cares for Ayan. She is unable to decide whom to choose.

The novel ends with a twist when Zain reveals that he has a terminal illness and has only a few months to live. He asks Zara to spend his last days with him and fulfill his dying wish. Zara is stunned and shattered by this news. She agrees to stay with Zain out of pity and compassion, but also out of love and guilt. She sacrifices her happiness and marriage with Ayan for Zain’s sake. Ayan is heartbroken and disappointed, but he respects Zara’s decision and lets her go. Zain and Zara spend their final moments together, reminiscing their memories and expressing their love. Zain dies in Zara’s arms, leaving her alone and miserable.


The novel is a tragic and emotional tale of love and obsession that captivates the readers with its plot twists and turns. It is a popular and best-selling novel that has been adapted into a TV drama series. The novel is available online for reading and downloading.

Here is a short summary of the novel:

  • Zara and Zain meet and fall in love, but Zain’s family opposes their marriage.
  • Zain’s mother and ex-girlfriend plot to separate them and Zain cheats on Zara with his ex-girlfriend.
  • Zara leaves Zain and moves to another city, where she becomes a doctor and marries another man named Ayan.
  • Zain regrets his mistake and tries to find Zara, but fails. He becomes depressed and addicted to drugs and alcohol.
  • Zain and Zara meet again at a hospital, where Zain reveals that he is dying and asks Zara to spend his last days with him.
  • Zara agrees to stay with Zain out of pity and love and sacrifices her happiness and marriage with Ayan.
  • Zain dies in Zara’s arms, leaving her alone and miserable.

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