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Jobs with the highest satisfaction

Jobs with the highest satisfaction are typically those that involve helping others, making a positive impact, and providing a sense of fulfillment. As of 2024, various jobs have been identified as having high satisfaction rates across different industries.

Here are some notable examples:

  • Occupational Therapist: Known for a balance between low stress and high work-life balance, occupational therapists have a significant satisfaction rate.
  • Epidemiologist: With a substantial portion of epidemiologists believing their work positively impacts the world, their job satisfaction rate is notably high.
  • Personal Financial Advisors: A significant number of personal financial advisors find their job satisfying. Although a lower percentage believe their work makes the world a better place.
  • Environmental Engineers: These professionals enjoy a high satisfaction rate, with many feeling their work contributes positively to the world.
  • Actuaries: A high percentage of actuaries are satisfied with their jobs. However a smaller proportion see their job as making a significant impact on the world.
  • Music Director and Composer: With a job satisfaction rate of 80%, this role involves leading musical performances and composing music.
  • Anesthesiologist: This high-earning role, involving managing patient pain around surgeries, has a notable job satisfaction rate.
  • Firefighter: Known for their role in protecting life and property, firefighters have a high job satisfaction rate.

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  • Education Administrator: Responsible for managing school-related activities, they report a high satisfaction rate.
  • Dentist: Focused on oral health, dentists have a significant job satisfaction rate.
  • Forester: Involved in maintaining forest ecosystems, foresters report high job satisfaction.
  • Cartographer and Photogrammetrist: Specializing in creating maps from geographic data, these professionals have one of the highest job satisfaction rates.
  • Emergency Management Director: These directors develop and implement emergency plans, scoring high in job satisfaction.
  • Physician Assistant: Physician assistants, who work under the supervision of doctors, find high satisfaction in their roles.
  • Information Security Analyst: With the increasing digitization of the world, information security analysts find their job crucial and satisfying.


Finally, finance employees, including financial analysts and managers, show high levels of job satisfaction. The retail sector also reports a majority of employees being satisfied with their jobs.

It’s important to note that job satisfaction can be influenced by various factors. Including the nature of the work, compensation, work-life balance, and the perceived impact of the job on society.

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