KIU Changed Grading System In 2023



20th February 2023


In accordance with the Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC) Notification No-7-1/2007-IBCC/Imp/175/04/2023 dated 14th February 2023, It is further notified that the grading system shall be introduced for SSC & HSSC in different phases. Initially, this grading system shall be implemented for SSC-1 and HSSC-1 Annual Examination 2023 and similarly for SSC-II and HSSC-II  from Annual Examination 2024. In the initial phase. Obtained marks, Grads, and GPA shall be mentioned on the result card of the students. Wile from Annual Examination 2025, only Grades, GPA, and CGPA shall be mentioned on the result card.

The grading system shall be as under:

Latter GradesIn PercentageDescriptionGPA
A++95% to 100%Exceptional5.0
A+90% to 94 %outstanding4.7
A85% to 89%Excellent4.3
B++80% to 84%Very Good4.0
B+75% to 79%Good3.7
B70% to 74%Fairly Good3.3
C60% to 69%Abovr Average3.0
D50% to 59%Avearage2.0
E40% to 49%Below Average1.0
ULess Than 40%Unsatisfactory0

For Information and implementation, please.


Executive Secretary to the Vice Chancellor KIY

All Section Heads of the KIU Examination Section

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