English Novel Lady Tanglewood in PDF – By Toni Cabell (Latest)

Lady Tanglewood

Lady Tanglewood is a fantasy novella that tells the story of Nari, a young woman from the Tanglewood clan who is about to marry Mordahn, the son of the chief of the rival Arrowood clan. The marriage is supposed to bring peace and unity between the two clans, but Nari soon discovers that Arrowood is hiding a dark secret: they practice forbidden magic and crossbreed with fay creatures. Nari has to decide whether to go through with the wedding or expose the truth and risk a war.

To write an essay about this novel, you should follow these steps:

Choose a topic and a thesis statement. A topic is the general subject of your essay, such as the theme, the characters, the setting, or the plot of the novel. A thesis statement is the main argument or point that you want to make about the topic. For example, your topic could be the role of magic in the novel, and your thesis statement could be: “The novel Lady Tanglewood explores the consequences of using forbidden magic and the ethical dilemmas that it poses for the characters.”

Outline your main points and evidence. An outline is a plan or a map of your essay that helps you organize your ideas and support your thesis statement. You should have at least three main points that relate to your thesis statement, and each point should have at least two pieces of evidence from the novel that back it up. For example, one of your main points could be: “Forbidden magic causes physical and mental changes in the Arrowood clan members.” Your evidence could be: “Mordahn has fay-like features, such as pointed ears and sharp teeth, and he can communicate with animals.” and “Nari notices that some of the Arrowood clan members act strangely, such as laughing maniacally or staring blankly.”

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Write your introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs. An introduction paragraph should introduce your topic and thesis statement, and catch the reader’s attention with a hook, such as a quote, a question, or a statistic. A body paragraph should start with a topic sentence that states the main point of the paragraph, followed by the evidence and analysis that explain how the evidence supports the point.

A conclusion paragraph should summarize your main points restate your thesis statement, and end with a final remark, such as a call to action, a recommendation, or a prediction. For example, your conclusion paragraph could be: “In conclusion, the novel Lady Tanglewood shows that using forbidden magic has serious consequences for the characters and their society.

Nari faces a difficult choice between following her heart and doing what is right. The novel raises important questions about the morality of magic and the responsibility of its users. The reader is left wondering what will happen to Nari and Mordahn, and whether their love can overcome the obstacles that they face.”

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