What Are Liabilities with Examples? Latest 2024


Liabilities represent obligations or debts a company owes to outside parties. They are categorized based on their due date and include both current and long-term liabilities.

Current Liabilities

Current liabilities are obligations due within one year or the company’s operating cycle, whichever is longer.

  • Accounts Payable: Money owed to suppliers for goods or services purchased on credit.
  • Example: XYZ Inc. owes $10,000 to its suppliers for materials purchased on credit.
  • Short-Term Loans: borrowings that are due within one year.
  • Example: ABC Corp. has a short-term loan of $50,000 due in six months.
  • Accrued Expenses: Expenses incurred but not yet paid.
  • Example: LMN Company has accrued $5,000 in wages payable to employees for work performed but not yet paid.
  • Income Taxes Payable: Taxes owed to the government for the current year.
  • Example: DEF Ltd. owes $20,000 in income taxes for the current fiscal year.
  • Unearned Revenue: Revenue received in advance for goods or services not yet delivered.
  • Example: PQR Corporation received $15,000 from a customer for services to be provided next quarter.

Long-Term Liabilities

Long-term liabilities are obligations due beyond one year.

  • Long-Term Loans: borrowings with maturities longer than one year.
  • Example: ABC Corp. has a long-term loan of $200,000 due in five years.
  • Bonds payable: Long-term debt securities issued by the company.
  • Example: XYZ Inc. issued bonds worth $500,000 due in ten years.
  • Pension Obligations: Promises made to employees for retirement benefits.
  • Example: LMN Company has $1,000,000 in pension obligations to its retired employees.
  • Deferred Tax Liability: Taxes that will be paid in future periods due to temporary differences between book and tax accounting.
  • Example: DEF Ltd. has a deferred tax liability of $50,000 due to depreciation differences.
  • Lease Obligations: Payments are due under long-term lease agreements.
  • Example: PQR Corporation has lease obligations of $100,000 for its office space over the next five years.


Understanding a company’s liabilities is crucial for assessing its financial health and ability to meet its obligations.

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