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Mo Willems on the Lost Art of Being Silly

Now here Mo Willems on the Lost Art of Being Silly. Mo Willems is a popular author and illustrator of children’s books, known for his humorous and playful style. He has created many beloved characters. Such as the Pigeon, Elephant and Piggie, and Knuffle Bunny. He has also won several awards, including three Caldecott Honors.

One of his recent interviews was published by Edutopia on February 21, 2020. In this interview, he talks about the importance of creativity. Drawing as empathy, and letting kids “do 51 percent of the work” in his stories. He also shares some tips for teachers. And parents on how to foster a love of reading and writing in children.

Some of the main points he makes in the interview are:

  1. He respects his readers by creating stories. That is open-ended and invites them to participate and imagine.
  2. He believes that drawing is a form of communication and expression, not just a skill or a talent. He encourages everyone to draw, regardless of their perceived ability or age.
  3. He thinks that being silly is a lost art and that adults should undergo “shame-ectomies.” To rediscover their playful side and connect with children.
  4. He advises teachers and parents to expose children to a variety of books. Genres and to let them choose what they want to read. He also suggests that they model reading and writing as enjoyable activities, not chores or assignments.

If you are interested in learning more about Mo Willems and his work. You can visit his official website or follow him on Twitter. You can also watch some of his videos on YouTube. Where he teaches how to draw his characters and reads some of his books aloud.

The Mo Willems’ most popular books?

Mo Willems has written many books that are loved by children and adults alike. Some of his most popular books are:

  • Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus: This is the first book in the Pigeon series. Where a cheeky pigeon tries to persuade the reader to let him drive a bus.
  • Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale This is the first book in the Knuffle Bunny series. A girl named Trixie loses her beloved stuffed bunny at the laundromat. And has a hard time communicating with her dad.
  • There Is a Bird on Your Head: This is the fourth book in the Elephant and Piggie series. Where a friendly elephant named Gerald and a playful pig named Piggie deal with some unexpected visitors on Gerald’s head.
  • Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs: This is a hilarious twist on the classic fairy tale. Where three hungry dinosaurs set up a trap for an unsuspecting Goldilocks.
  • Nanette’s Baguette: This is a rhyming story about a young frog named Nanette. Who is sent to buy a baguette for her mom? But faces a delicious dilemma on the way home.

These are just some of the many books by Mo Willems that you can enjoy. You can find more of his books on his official website or on Goodreads. Happy reading!

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