10 Math Apps that Teachers Highly Recommend for Students—Latest

Math Apps that Teachers Highly Recommend for Students

Based on the latest recommendations from various sources, here are 10 math apps that teachers highly recommend for students in 2024:

  • Prodigy: A comprehensive and engaging learning experience with customization and progress-tracking tools. It’s free for basic use, with a premium subscription option available​​.
  • Khan Academy Kids: A completely free app offering a wide range of subjects, including math, with offline access to learning without an internet connection​​.
  • SplashLearn: Known for personalized learning, this app offers content designed for grades Pre-K to 5. Focusing on adaptive learning and curriculum-based material​​.
  • Elephant Learning Math Academy: Offers a course-like structure promising significant math learning progress, with detailed progress reports for parents​​.
  • IXL: Provides a comprehensive curriculum across multiple subjects, not just math, with real-time analytics and diagnostics to adjust to each user’s proficiency level​​.

More Apps…

  • Moose Math: Engages younger kids with storytelling and world-building to teach math, focusing on counting, algebra, and basic arithmetic activities​​​​.
  • Monster Math: A story-based app that makes learning math fun through adventures and challenges​​.
  • DoodleMaths: Offers a cross-platform math learning experience, adapting to the child’s strengths and weaknesses for personalized learning​​.
  • DragonBox Algebra 5+: Targets more advanced math skills with a focus on algebra. Making it suitable for older students looking for a challenge​​.
  • Marble Math Junior: Combines fun and learning by having kids solve math problems through navigating mazes, aimed at younger learners​​.

Final Words

These apps have been selected based on their ability to make learning math fun. Engaging and effective through personalized learning paths, interactive content, and comprehensive curriculum coverage. They cater to a wide range of ages and learning styles, ensuring there’s something for every student. Whether it’s through game-based learning, interactive challenges, or curriculum-aligned activities, these apps aim to enhance math skills enjoyably and interactively.

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