Urdu Navel: Murjha Ky Yun Khilna Tha – PDF By Mehtab (Latest)

Murjha Ky Yun Khilna Tha

Murjha Ky Yun Khilna Tha (How You Were Supposed to Bloom After Withering) is a novel by Mehtab Zahoora, a talented story writer and emerging novelist of Urdu. The novel was published in a monthly digest and received positive feedback from the readers. It is a social, romantic, and cultural story that describes the life of a young doctor and an educated girl with a charming beauty. They wanted to have a happy life with each other but faced many hardships in this way.

The novel Murjha Ky Yun Khilna Tha explores the themes of love, sacrifice, family, society, and faith. The main characters are Dr. Aariz and Zoya, who belong to different backgrounds and have different personalities. Dr. Aariz is a successful and handsome doctor who works in a hospital. He is kind, caring, and respectful to everyone. He falls in love with Zoya, who is a teacher at a school. Zoya is a beautiful and intelligent girl who has a passion for learning and teaching. She is also a devout Muslim who follows the teachings of Islam.

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Their love story begins when Dr. Aariz saves Zoya from a road accident and takes her to the hospital. They feel a strong attraction towards each other and exchange their contact details. They start talking on the phone and develop a deep friendship. They realize that they are made for each other and decide to get married.

However, their families are not happy with their decision and oppose their relationship. Dr. Aariz’s family is rich and influential, while Zoya’s family is poor and humble. They have different values and expectations from their children. They try to separate them and create misunderstandings between them.

The novel shows how Dr. Aariz and Zoya face the challenges and obstacles in their way and try to overcome them with their love and faith. They face many difficulties, such as social pressure, family conflicts, financial problems, health issues, and conspiracies. They also face some enemies, such as Dr. Aariz’s ex-girlfriend, who tries to ruin their marriage, and Zoya’s cousin, who tries to force her to marry him.

They also face some tests, such as Dr. Aariz’s kidnapping, Zoya’s miscarriage, and Dr. Aariz’s blindness. They suffer a lot of pain and sorrow, but they never lose hope and trust in Allah. They support each other and pray for each other. They prove their loyalty and sincerity to each other and to their families. They also show their generosity and kindness to the needy and the oppressed. They eventually overcome all.

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