Paperpal launched a New AI Power Tool in 2024

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Paperpal launched a New AI Power

Paperpal, a brand under Cactus Communications, has launched a new AI-powered tool called Paperpal Preflight. This innovative tool leverages machine learning, trained on millions of published articles. To assist authors and journal editors during the manuscript submission process. It’s designed as a plug-and-play, web-based system available for immediate use, offering a suite of pre-submission checks for manuscripts. These checks cover a range of factors including word count, quality of language, the age of references, and technical reporting.

One of the key benefits of Paperpal Preflight is its ability to identify language and technical errors in manuscripts, providing immediate, in-depth feedback. This helps authors improve the quality of their submissions and increases their chances of securing publication. For journal editors, it eases their workload by offering a comprehensive set of checks customized to journal requirements. Thereby speeding up the publication process and assisting in making better, faster decisions.

The application of Paperpal Preflight in the scholarly publishing world is significant. It addresses the need for a more efficient manuscript preparation and assessment process. A gap that has led to inflated times to first decisions and sub-optimal experiences for authors and editors. By introducing technology to augment existing processes. Paperpal Preflight aims to save considerable time and effort through the journal publishing workflow.

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The latest AI Tool Paperpal Preflight is being used by leading scholarly publishers like Wolters Kluwer. The Royal Society, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), Emerald Publishing, and the Institute of Physics (IOP). These publishers are offering the service to help authors identify errors in their manuscripts. Enabling journals to reduce cost per submission and time to publication.

This development marks a significant step forward in using AI and machine learning to improve the scholarly publishing experience for researchers, peer reviewers, and journal editors. It underscores Paperpal’s commitment to empowering academic researchers worldwide to write better. Backed by Cactus Communications’ extensive experience in language editing and machine learning.

FAQs Paperpal

Paperpal provides a comprehensive FAQ section on their Help Center website. Addressing various aspects of their services. Key topics covered include:

  • Paperpal Prime: Information on managing the Prime subscription, device usage, and plan upgrades.
  • Payments: Details about payment methods, including bank transfers or PayPal, and security of payment information.
  • Features: Guidance on add-ons for Google Docs and Microsoft Word, and handling document rechecks.
  • Account: Queries related to account management, such as changing email addresses and understanding the features of different account types.
  • Data & Privacy: Information on data usage for AI training. Security of research data on the platform, and handling of AI-generated content.
  • MS Word Add-In: Instructions on installing the add-in and troubleshooting account-related issues in MS Word.
  • Referrals: Details on the referral program, including eligibility and rewards.
  • Paperpal Copilot: Clarifications on features like word count reduction and functionality of the Copilot tool.
  • Plagiarism Check: Insights into understanding plagiarism checks and similarity scores.

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