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Project-Based Learning Resources For Teachers

Project-Based Learning (PBL) is an effective teaching method that engages students in real-world projects to develop critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. Here are some excellent project-based learning resources for teachers:

Buck Institute for Education (BIE):


BIE is a leader in PBL, offering a wealth of resources, project ideas, and professional development for teachers. Their website includes project planning tools, project examples, and a PBLWorks library.


Edutopia, a George Lucas Educational Foundation initiative, provides articles, videos, and guides on PBL. It covers everything from project design to assessment and showcases real-world examples of successful PBL implementation.

New Tech Network:


New Tech Network offers resources and support for implementing project-based learning in schools. They provide project templates, professional development opportunities, and a community for educators.



PBLWorks (formerly Buck Institute for Education) offers a variety of resources, including project planning tools, professional development courses, and a project library with a collection of high-quality, classroom-tested projects.

Project-Based Learning Checklists:


This website provides checklists and planning guides to help teachers create and implement effective project-based learning experiences. It covers key elements such as project design, assessment, and reflection.

National Education Association (NEA):


The NEA provides resources and articles on project-based learning, including guides on incorporating PBL into the curriculum, assessment strategies, and success stories from teachers.

Google for Education:

Website: Google for Education

Google for Education offers various tools that can support project-based learning, such as Google Classroom, Google Drive, and collaborative tools like Google Docs and Google Slides.



TeachThought features articles, guides, and resources on a variety of educational topics, including project-based learning. It’s a valuable source for teachers looking for insights and strategies.

KQED Teach:

Website: KQED Teach

KQED Teach provides free, online courses for educators, including courses on integrating media and technology into project-based learning. The courses offer practical strategies and examples.

PBS LearningMedia:

Website: PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia offers a collection of digital resources, including videos, lesson plans, and interactive activities, that can be integrated into project-based learning.

These resources can provide a solid foundation for teachers looking to implement project-based learning in their classrooms, offering guidance on planning, execution, and assessment of PBL projects.

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