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Inquiries from a Teacher to a School Counselor

Here are some sample inquiries a teacher might pose to a school counselor during an interview with Andrea Burston, a hypothetical school counselor:

  1. Understanding Your Role: How do you see the role of a school counselor in supporting both students and staff within the school community?
  2. Collaboration with Teachers: Can you describe a successful collaboration you’ve had with teachers in the past to address student needs or improve the overall learning environment?
  3. Student Mental Health Support: What strategies do you employ to identify and support students struggling with mental health issues or emotional challenges?
  4. Crisis Intervention: In times of crisis or heightened stress, how do you approach supporting students, teachers, and families within the school community?
  5. Individualized Support Plans: How do you develop and implement individualized support plans for students with diverse needs, including those with learning disabilities, behavioral challenges, or emotional disturbances?
  6. Preventive Measures: What proactive measures do you take to promote mental wellness and prevent student bullying, substance abuse, or academic disengagement?
  7. Parental Involvement: How do you involve parents and guardians in the counseling process to ensure a collaborative approach to supporting student’s academic and emotional well-being?
  8. Professional Development: Finally, what steps do you take to stay updated on best practices in school counseling, and how do you incorporate new knowledge and techniques into your work with students and staff?

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