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English Novel War Of The Animals in PDF – By Jonathan (Latest)

English Novel War Of The Animals

War Of The Animals is a fictional novel by George Orwell, published in 1945. It is an allegory of the Russian Revolution and the rise of Stalinism, using animals as characters to represent different groups and individuals involved in the historical events. The novel tells the story of how the animals of Manor Farm rebel against their human owner, Mr. Jones, and establish a self-governing society based on the principles of Animalism. However, the pigs, who are the leaders of the revolution, gradually betray the ideals of Animalism and oppress the other animals, becoming more like the humans they overthrew.

To write an essay about this novel, you should follow these steps:

Choose a topic or a question that interests you and relates to the novel. For example, you could write about the theme of power and corruption, the use of propaganda and language, the role of violence and fear, the symbolism of the characters and events, or the moral message of the novel.

Do some research on the historical and literary context of the novel, such as the Russian Revolution, Stalinism, and Orwell’s biography and views. You can use the web search results I provided as a starting point.

Write a thesis statement that expresses your main argument or point of view on the topic. For example, you could write: “War Of The Animals shows that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, as the pigs exploit and manipulate the other animals for their own benefit.”

Download the English Novel War Of The Animals in PDF

Write an introduction that introduces the novel, the author, the topic, and the thesis statement. You should also provide some background information on the historical and literary context of the novel, and explain why it is relevant and important to study it.

Write the body paragraphs that support your thesis statement with evidence and analysis. You should use examples and quotes from the Novel, as well as facts and opinions from other sources, to illustrate your points. You should also explain how the evidence relates to your thesis statement and the topic. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence, a concluding sentence, and a clear connection to the next paragraph.

Write a conclusion that summarizes your main points and restates your thesis statement. You should also provide some implications and recommendations for further study or action, and explain why your essay matters and what it contributes to the understanding of the novel and its themes.

Revise and edit your essay to improve its structure, clarity, coherence, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You should also check your citations and references, and make sure you follow the appropriate format and style for your assignment.

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