Best Books for SST-17 FPSC Test – 2024

Best Books for SST-17 FPSC Test

Best Books for SST-17 FPSC Test-recommended books, categorized by different subjects and areas of focus. These books are chosen for their relevance to the syllabus, depth of content, and utility in helping candidates understand and master the necessary concepts and methodologies.

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

  1. “World Atlas” – For geographical understanding and maps.
  2. “Daily Dawn & The News” Newspapers – For staying updated with current affairs, both national and international.
  3. “Current Affairs” by Ikram Rabbani – For in-depth analysis of current global and national events.
  4. English Language and Literature
  5. “High School English Grammar and Composition” by Wren & Martin – For grammar and composition.
  6. “A Practical Guide to English Translation and Composition” by K.P. Thakur – For translation skills and comprehension.

Islamic Studies

  • “Islamic Studies” by Dr. Muhammad Khalil – A comprehensive guide covering various aspects of Islam.
  • “Towards Understanding Islam” by Abul A’la Maududi – For a deeper understanding of Islamic beliefs and practices.

Pakistan Studies

  • “Pakistan Affairs” by Ikram Rabbani – For detailed knowledge about Pakistan’s history, culture, and politics.
  • “A Brief History of Pakistan” by James Wynbrandt – To cover the historical timeline of Pakistan.

Pedagogy and Educational Psychology

  • “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” by Paulo Freire – For philosophical and practical aspects of education.
  • “Educational Psychology” by Anita Woolfolk – For understanding learning processes and teaching strategies.

Subject-Specific Books

Depending on the specific subject you are applying for (Science, Mathematics, Urdu, English, etc.), consider the following:

  1. For Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology): Textbooks by Punjab Textbook Board or any other provincial textbook boards. Additionally, “Concepts of Physics” by H.C. Verma for Physics, “Organic Chemistry” by Morrison and Boyd for Chemistry, and “Campbell Biology” for Biology provide in-depth subject knowledge.
  2. For Mathematics: “Higher Algebra” by Hall & Knight (for advanced algebra topics) and “Calculus and Analytic Geometry” by Thomas and Finney.
  3. For English Literature: Anthologies of English literature covering major periods and genres. “An Outline of English Literature” by G.C. Thornley and Gwyneth Roberts for a concise overview.

Research and Teaching Methodology

  • “Research Methods in Education” by Louis Cohen, Lawrence Manion, and Keith Morrison – For understanding research methodologies applicable in educational settings.
  • “Teaching Strategies for Effective Instruction” – A guide to various teaching methodologies and classroom management techniques.

Practice and Previous Papers

  • “FPSC Model Papers” by Imtiaz Shahid – For practicing with model questions and previous exam papers.

Educational Policy and Administration

“Educational Administration: Theory, Research, and Practice” by Wayne Hoy and Cecil Miskel – For insights into educational leadership and management principles.


Best Books for SST-17 FPSC Test: When selecting books, it’s important to choose the most recent editions to ensure the information is up to date. Additionally, complement your book study with online resources, educational forums, and study groups to broaden your understanding and stay informed about any changes in the FPSC syllabus or test format.

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